Episode 1 – A Renewable Solution-Nuclear Energy


What do we know about Nuclear Energy? As we continue to rely on renewable fuels, such as solar, wind, bio, wave technology and others are we missing the best renewal fuel? Nuclear energy, I believe is being overlooked as we decide to go green in the United States. Clean Air & Climate change has impacted our lives, but are we addressing the real causes? Do we know the energy saving and output for our green revolution? Jose Negron, Steve Curtis and Tom Dolan will be discussing this all and are advocates for the use of nuclear energy and recycling nuclear fuel. Why is nuclear power so important as we move to the future to meet our energy needs? How is nuclear energy use today and possibly in the future.

We invite you to visit and learn more in your thirst for your nuclear energy knowledge by going to: https://wastetoenergynow.org and/or https://virginia-recycles-snf.com/nuclear-ed/ to hopefully give you some more knowledge on this subject.