Episode 2 – Recycling the Ashes of Nuclear Fission


March 31, 2020

The United States is the Technology Leader in Nuclear Recycling. The carbon-free energy that can be Recycled from the U.S. stockpile of roughly 90,000 tons of SUNF & 600,000 tons of depleted uranium will last thousands of years with “Clean Energy Too Cheap to Meter” (meaning one low monthly price for all the electricity you can use!). Once Recycled the stockpile’s energy would be equal to 4.5 Trillion Barrels of oil, that is more than 200 times the Oil reserves of the U.S. and over 4 times the known Global Oil reserves. Also, one pound of this recycled SNUF energy is equal to 3 Million pounds of coal. The current end waste storage problem of the 1,000,000 year Highly Radioactive materials volume would be reduced by 90% and radioactivity reduced to about 300 years.

Currently, this SUNF has been in storage since the mid 70s. Is it time to recycle this unlimited fuel? What do I know about nuclear recycling? Is it valuable? What is the current state of nuclear recycling in the US? Do we need to start now and Why? These are key questions Jose Negron will discuss with Steve Curtis and Tom Dolan, all advocates to recycling nuclear energy safely. Go to https://wastetoenergtnow.org and/or https://virginia-recycles-snf.com/ for more information.